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Preventative repairs
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Previous repairs/maintenance


The range of components and systems we repair and overhaul is quite vast, so we cannot list them all, however some of the common items include the following:

  • Electrical Switchgear (Contactors and Relays)
  • Traction Converters/Choppers
  • Auxiliary Inverters
  • Battery Chargers
  • Line Breakers
  • Complete Equipment Cases
  • Braking Resistors
  • Line Filter Capacitor Systems
  • Line Reactors/Filters/Chokes
  • Door Motors, Gearboxes and Control Hardware
  • Various Printed Circuit Boards and Control Cards
  • Drivers Equipment (Vigilance Systems. Foot Controllers, Master Controllers, Hand Controllers).

Complete Traceability

Component Identification

Our customers have peace of mind knowing that every component serviced by TTM Rail is completely traceable. If a component does not have any existing unique identification or serial number, we will create a serial number for the item in our database, to ensure the history is kept for each individual component.

In addition to this, a QR code (similar to a bar code) is put on every serial number label, containing information on the item, and the customer’s stock code. These codes are readable by anyone with a smartphone, or a QR code reader. Having this information on hand helps our customer’s stores easily identify items correctly.

Of course we are happy to accommodate our customers’ needs, and can customise the labels to contain other information as required.


Work Order Labels

Every component worked on by TTM Rail receives a work order label. Each work order label has a unique QR code, containing a brief description of the work carried out on the component.

We have found this to be very useful as both ours and our customers’ technicians can find out the latest work history of the component in situ by simply scanning the sticker with a smart phone.

This label also clearly displays the job number and date for tracking and warranty purposes.