Our Products

Since 1997, TTM Rail has supplied reputable local, European and other International rolling stock products with a strong focus on our pre-sales and after sales support to our clients.

The value for our customers doesn’t end with the products alone, as we believe the service is just as important as the product. Our team of qualified and knowledgeable engineers work closely with our supply partners and clients to ensure the products we supply are suitable for the job or project at hand. In addition to providing exceptional quality products, we provide complete system integration and support to our clients throughout the whole project or procurement stage, including customer focused after sales support.

TTM Products

Integrated Electronic Control Systems

We design excellent, standards compliant, electronic control systems for rolling stock.

Using the latest software and toolchains we can design solutions for new vehicle builds, modernisation requirements or to address obsolescence or reliability issues.

Our team focuses solely on rolling stock applications and our considerations for design elements such as maintainability, safety and high reliability is evident in all of our outcomes.

Electronic Control Systems
DC/AC Traction Systems

DC & AC Traction Systems

TTM provide world leading traction system design, supply, integration and support with our partners Kiepe Electric GmbH.

Kiepe Electric are globally known as one of the leaders in ultra-reliable power electronic systems for rolling stock.

Together, we can provide locally built and supported traction systems of a world leading standard for both new builds and modernisation solutions.

Auxiliary Power Inverters

TTM, in partnership with leading auxiliary inverter suppliers Syko Power Gmbh and Kiepe Electric GmbH have successfully delivered auxiliary inverter solutions for rolling stock operators around Australia.

Our solutions feature high reliability first and foremost.

Throughout Australia we have proven our ability to design, integrate and support auxiliary power inverters to the highest standard.

Our designs consider the harsh electrical and mechanical conditions of the Australian rail networks and the success of our project implementations are testament to this.

Auxiliary Power Inverters
Syko Battery Charger

Battery Chargers & DC-DC Converters

Using robust and globally proven platforms from Syko Power GmbH and Kiepe Electric GmbH, we integrate reliable, rolling stock compliant battery charger systems for your vehicle. This can be in the form of stand alone chargers, or in custom designed enclosures for internal, underfloor or roof top mounting, with necessary control and auxiliary components.

We have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes for customers which consider the nuances of battery charger curves and optimising these for the environment in which they operate.

Capacitive Buttons & Sensors

Exceptionally reliable and hygienic touch buttons and sensors for rail applications. Completely customised and manufactured to your requirements including LED colours, symbols, braille, feedback, housing colours and mounting style. Manufactured in Bavaria, Germany by the global leaders in capacitive sensing technologies, CAPTRON Electronics GmbH.

Capacitive Buttons Sensors
Rolling Stock LED Lighting

Rolling Stock LED Lighting

TTM provide both custom and off the shelf solutions for passenger LED rolling stock lighting requirements. In addition to our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities for custom solutions, we have partnered with Crous LED to supply off the shelf, rugged T8 LED tubes compliant to rolling stock requirements with exceptional light output charateristics.

We understand the details in lighting selection that sets us apart for excellent outcomes and passengers experience.

Rolling Stock Relays & Contactors

High reliability, versatile contactors and relays suitable for both general relay applications as well as safety related applications (up to SIL4). Weld no transfer contacts as standard. Capable to drive everything from high current loads to low current digital signals. Manufactured in Spain by Arteche.

Rolling Stock Relays
Arc Chute

Custom Arc Chutes & Insulators

TTM have partnered with Fratelli Bigaran Srl to provide innovative and long life custom arc chutes and insulators for switch gear applications.

Due to the proprietary materials and manufacturing processes used by Fratelli Bigaran, we provide cost effective solutions for arc chutes which not only outlast regular arc chutes, but help decrease contact tip wear and overall life cycle costs.

Electrical Component & Parts Supply

Through decades of working closely with the global rail industry and leading industrial component suppliers, TTM is able to source components at highly competitive prices saving our customers thousands on consumables and replacement parts. Our service combines excellent pricing with a strong technical understanding of the products being sought and their application, giving our customers confidence in what they’re buying and offering more value than just a sales office.

Electrical Component Supply