Quality Policy

TTM Rail provides exceptional quality electrical and electronic products and services for the transportation industry in the form of design, manufacturing, repair/overhauls, installation, component sales and consulting. Since our establishment, we have continued to develop and improve our expertise, quality and customer service, to ensure that we are always providing the best outcomes possible for our customers to truly address their needs, and ultimately maintain ourselves as the preferred supplier within the transportation industry in Australia and beyond.

All members of the TTM Rail team have the ability to, and are responsible for, ensuring that our company not only maintains the highest level of quality in all that we do, but continually strives to improve and further develop our company and our outputs. Only with the commitment to quality from all team members, suppliers and sub-contractors will we be able to maintain and exceed the expected levels of high customer satisfaction and achieve our mission of “Raising the Standard”.

Although we continue to strive for excellence in quality, we must recognise that at times we may not meet our own quality standards. When this occurs, it is imperative that we as an organisation identify the cause of the quality issue, rectify the issue to the satisfaction of our customer, then implement what is needed to prevent a recurrence of the issue.

TTM Rail is committed to achieving our expected levels of quality by implementing and maintaining our Quality Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO9001:2015. The policies and procedures necessary to achieve the required quality standards are described in our Quality Management System, which is the responsibility of the Operations Manager to develop and review, reporting regularly to the company Executive Director’s on the system’s implementation, status, effectiveness and areas of improvement.”

(Release Date: 14/11/2020)

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