Our Services

TTM rail offers professional, quality services for the rolling stock industry that can be broadly broken up into the fields of design, manufacturing, repair, maintenance and consultancy. Our team collectively has over 70 years of rail experience and has a proven track record of consistently delivering exceptional services, on time and within budget.

At TTM rail we take sincere pride in the work that we do and have countless examples of projects where we have improved reliability, processes and costs for our clients.

Our services

System Integration

Our team excels at integrating systems ranging from simple control systems to complete traction packages. Our breadth of skills ensures the customer gets a quality outcome which covers all bases of integration including:

  • understanding and exploring detailed requirements analysis,
  • integration design works,
  • complete documentation packages,
  • local assembly of equipment and supporting hardware,
  • on site integration, commissioning and support services,
  • local system through life support.
Inverter Assembly
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Local Product Design & Manufacturing

TTM proudly offers local manufacturing of complex electronic and electrical systems to globally recognized standards.

We strongly believe the engineering expertise found in Australia rivals that of any other country. We have proven this by designing and manufacturing compliant, reliable and cost effective systems entirely within Victoria. The outcomes have been excellent with high levels of customer satisfaction and enviable reliability.

Further, through partnerships with recognized engineering leaders in their field, we have conducted full technology transfers and localised the building of major systems including power electronic systems such as auxiliary and traction inverters.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

TTM have a dedicated workshop facility capable of undertaking all sizes of ongoing maintenance and overhaul projects. It has been purpose built for flexibility to allow for the most efficient delivery. Systems we repair and maintain include:

  • Traction and auxiliary power systems,
  • Electrical control equipment,
  • Electronic control devices,
  • Braking resistors,
  • High-speed circuit breakers and switchgear,
  • Driver’s foot/master controllers,
  • Passenger door systems.

We have been a go-to provider for many operators and OEMs to help maintain and repair their equipment even when information is undocumented, scarce or unavailable. We often will assist in enhancing tasks to improve reliability through practical recommendations and work through obsolescence issues to keep your assets in service.


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

On-Vehicle Services

TTM understand the requirements for providing safe and efficient on vehicle services at customer depots.

For over twenty years we have worked closely with operators and their maintenance staff to provide specific services in an efficient and courteous manner. This includes:

  • On-vehicle condition assessments,
  • Equipment removal and installation services,
  • Vehicle fault finding, diagnostics and data logging,
  • Support for static, dynamic and network vehicle testing.

Reliability & Obsolescence Solutions

We pride ourselves on playing a key role in keeping rolling stock fleets operating when sub-systems become obsolete or reliable, even beyond the vehicle’s original life time.

A significant part of the value we can add for our customers is designing and integrating custom solutions for addressing reliability and/or obsolescence issues, often with minimal to no modifications required on the vehicle side.

These solutions are frequently locally designed and manufactured to international rolling stock standards, whether working indepedently or with renowned international partners.

Reliability & Obsolescence Solutions
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Global Product Sourcing & Support

For over 20 years we have built and grown our relationships with global suppliers in the rail industry.

This extensive network has proven invaluable to our customers in sourcing products and spare parts at highly competitive rates.

Further, our technical understanding of the products being sourced and their application provides a level of assurance that the right part is being used for the right job.

When our customers need alternatives due to obsolescence, reliability or other reasons, our team are happy to investigate and propose options, and are well versed in supporting various engineering change processes to get the job done.