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Turnkey Electronic Component Design

We understand the unique challenges of designing and manufacturing products for various ages of rolling stock.

Scope of Services, Design & Supply

Turnkey Electronics

Our team has proven many times our ability to design such systems, with just some of the key considerations being:

  • Designing to required rolling stock operational environments, whether in accordance to international industry standards (such as EN50155, EN50126, EN61373, EN50121) or beyond,
  • Maintainability,
  • Short and long term cost efficiency
  • Reliability

We use the most advanced software packages and processes to ensure our outcomes exceed expectations, and have the capability to design the complete turnkey product.

Our site includes dedicated prototyping workstations and equipment to allow us to rapidly build and refine products.

In summary, we represent a local, no compromise provider for rolling stock electronic designs.

Examples of recent electronic rolling stock products include:

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